...turning the pages of these books is like a window into another world...
— super/collider

Print Science feels very lucky to have been featured by the Director of super/collider, Chris Hatherill, as he is known for his discerning eye when it comes to anything astronomy or design related. So thank you Chris! You can read more here.


Print Science: the project bringing the curiosities of astronomy books to life
— Emerald Street

Emerald Street

We were featured by the wonderful people over at Emerald Street in their September edition. You can read more here

We’re living in a time where anything can be proven wrong and everything’s possible.

i-D Magazine

Louise was interviewed by ID Magazine for Chanel's The Fifth Sense in November. You can read the whole article here

“... but we don’t, if we’ve any sense, spend much time looking directly at it (the sun).”

Smith Journal

We have been featured in the Smith Journal shopping pages. A wonderful magazine designed to look good, but had substance, wit and inspiration. Check it out here.